Releasing outside of Japan for the first time.

The 1985 classic arcade shooter Space Harrier has gotten its soundtrack newly remastered and pressed on vinyl for release outside of Japan.

SEGA‘s in-house composer, Hiroshi Kawaguchi, worked within the technological constraints of the time to create a memorable soundtrack with his Yamaha DX7 synthesizer.

Space Harrier will be available in three editions from the Data Discs website:

  • 1x 180g classic black
  • 1x 180g translucent dark green
  • 1x 180g translucent light green with purple/green splatter and 3D lenticular cover (strictly limited edition)

The limited edition features a 3D lenticular cover that’s been remodelled from the original art work; the random splatter effect also makes each copy unique. Additionally, 50 copies of it will be signed by Kawaguchi and sent out at random for early buyers who pre-order it within 48 hours of the first order being placed.

DATA016 Space Harrier lenticular cover
(Picture credit: Data Discs.)

All versions feature the original arcade score, as well as a bonus arranged version of the game’s main theme by SEGA’s in-house band S.S.T. Band (SEGA Sound Team).

The full tracklisting:

A1. Main Theme
A2. Squilla
A3. Ida
A4. Godarni
A5. Wiwi Jumbo
B1. Battlefield
B2. Syura
B3. Valda
B4. Stanray
B5. Lakeside Memory
B6. White Summer
B7. Main Theme (S.S.T. Band arranged version)

Samples of the remastered tracks can be listened to on Data Discs’ Soundcloud.

The Space Harrier soundtrack will be on sale from Saturday, 5th May; all orders will be shipped on or before 31st May.