Kid Koala describes how he creates his “fun house” vibe.

Ahead of his 29th April appearance at Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, turntablist Kid Koala spoke to local radio station 88Nine Radio Milwaukee about the Floor Kids soundtrack and the concept behind his Vinyl Vaudeville live show.

“I met up with this crew, this dance crew called Adira Amram & the Experience in New York. I also met this great puppet team in Montreal. I guess the concept of Vinyl Vaudeville, like any vaudeville show, is that it’s a variety show, so everything is broken up into short acts. Each act is one track long, or even half a track long. I want it to be a very dynamic show, so that every song I’m playing on the set has its own aesthetic, choreography, costumes, puppet routine, or whatever it is we’re going to do to visually animate the spectacle for each track.”

With a mixture of tracks from his first album Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or 12 Bit Blues, and the Floor Kids soundtrack, Kid Koala is looking to link everything together with the help of “a giant dancing spider, a nine foot ogre, dancing cans, singing robot puppets, giant cardboard gramophones” and sometimes, a kazoo.

“So even though we’re celebrating the release of the “Floor Kids” video game, and the soundtrack, we’re bringing arcade consoles. So I’m always telling everyone to show up early so you can battle your friends on the arcade consoles before the show even starts. But then once we get it going, it’s a party.”

Floor Kids is a breakdancing rhythm game available on the Nintendo Switch, with stylised hand-drawn animations by JonJon, and original music and sound design by Kid Koala.

The video below highlights some of the gameplay, which includes a local two-player battle mode.

The soundtrack is now available on presale at the official online store. The regular edition comes in a 2x 12″ Vinyl pack, whereas the deluxe edition also comes bundled with a download of the Floor Kids game.