The 1992 action-adventure game composed by Marshall Parker.

Music label Respawned Records has revealed that the soundtrack to action-adventure game Nightshade will be getting a release on vinyl.

“The official Nightshade soundtrack is coming to vinyl,” reads a Respawned Records tweet. “Stay tuned Metro City”.

The soundtrack to Nightshade is composed by Marshall Parker, who also scored Shadowrun, True Lies, and Krush, Kill ‘n’ Destroy.

The game was developed by Beam Software and released back in 1992 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Players take on the eponymous role of Nightshade as they patrol the dark and dangerous streets of Metro City, hunting the ancient Egyptian villain Sutekh. Acquiring hidden weapons will help players in overcoming the many enemies, obstacles, and puzzles that the city has in store.

Nightshade was rereleased in 2019 when it was published by Piko Interactive for Windows.