A subscription-based learning tool.

During the Ubisoft Forward broadcast at E3 2021, publisher Ubisoft announced its upcoming interactive music-learning software Rocksmith+.

Rocksmith+ is developed by Ubisoft Toronto in collaboration with Ubisoft Osaka and Ubisoft Pune, and the follow-up to Ubisoft’s Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered learning tool. Users can learn to play guitar and bass by playing along to their favourite songs while utilising the software’s real-time feedback and customisable speed settings.

Personalised feedback. Image credit: Ubisoft.

The software features Rocksmith Workshop – a user-generated content system – where users can add their own song arrangements by selecting from a list of pre-licensed songs. Users can browse the FAQ and tutorials section to learn more about tempo; notes and chords; techniques; tones, phrases, and sections; and various audio tools.

The Rocksmith learning method. Image credit: Ubisoft.

A free companion app for tablets and mobile phones called Rocksmith+ Connect will also be released for Android and iOS devices. This app can be paired with computers and used to connect acoustic and electronic instruments.

Equipment selection. Image credit: Ubisoft.

Closed beta registrations for Rocksmith+ are available now for Windows.

Further game details regarding the Rocksmith learning method, equipment setup, and subscription prices can be found here.

The Rocksmith+ announcement trailer is embedded below.

Rocksmith+ will be released this summer for Windows while a release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S is scheduled for autumn.