The game’s soundtrack is composed by Tristan Alric.

Pre-orders for the physical release of action role-playing game Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling are available now from Limited Run Games; two physical editions will be released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The standard edition comprises a copy of the game, manual, and a box with interior artwork.

The collector’s edition comes with the game along with the aforementioned manual and artwork as well as a Vi soft toy, a set of six Spy Cards, papercraft diorama, three enamel pins, and a soundtrack CD containing the game’s music by Tristan Alric.

Both editions can be pre-ordered now from the Limited Run Games online store; the pre-order window will remain open until 23:59 EST on 23rd May (04:59 BST on 24th May).

The full 84-track soundtrack to Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is already available to purchase and stream from Bandcamp, YouTube, and YouTube Music.

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is developed by Moonsprout Games and available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.