For Kickstarter backers pledging €255 or more.

The crowdfunding campaign for upcoming cooperative platformer Vokabulantis is under way and as well as targeting a multiplatform release for the game, developer Kong Orange will also be collaborating with production company iam8bit to release the game’s soundtrack on vinyl.

Vokabulantis has an art style that utilises stop motion animation provided by Danish stop motion studio Wiredfly. A behind-the-scenes video showcasing the game’s environmental and character models is embedded below.

The game explores various themes such as non-verbal communication between the two main protagonists and something the development team calls ’emotional mechanics’. Vokabulantis is designed to encourage the player to empathise with the in-game characters. An example of this ’emotional mechanic’ is when the main characters are isolated in split screens, causing darker emotions to be evoked as the player experiences the inability to connect with someone else.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently over 70% funded at the time of writing with 13 days left to reach its goal of €70,000.

Those who pledge €255 or more will get the game’s soundtrack, composed by sound designer and musician Nicolas Vetterli, pressed as a double-vinyl album.

Vetterli has uploaded some ambient work-in-progress tracks to his SoundCloud (embedded below) to give fans an idea of what’s to come.

Kong Orange is planning to release Vokabulantis on all major console platforms but at the very least it will be released for PC via Steam. The game is currently scheduled for release in 2024.