Composed by Dale North with additional music by R23X.

The music from multiplayer adventure game Marble Knights is available to purchase and stream from various digital platforms.

The orchestral soundtrack to Marble Knights, composed by Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Sparklite, and The Long Return), comprises 28 tracks with additional music by Marc Junker. The closing couple of tracks are composed by Junker (also known as R23X) and changes up the style of the album, particularly the final track with its lo-fi hip-hop sounds; these additional tracks are found in the mini-games in Marble Knights.

“I had a lot of forward momentum rolling into my work on the soundtrack for Marble Knights,” said North via a press release. “The fantastic art, gliding gameplay, and outstanding voice work all made spinning up the music very easy.

“And, of course, I almost lost my marbles when I heard I’d be working with Studio Trigger, one of my favorite animation studios ever. Needless to say, being able to write this fantasy/chiptune hybrid soundtrack was an absolute ball. I would be so happy if you could roll it into your music rotation!”

The soundtrack to Marble Knights can be purchased from Bandcamp and can be streamed from platforms including Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube Music.

Marble Knights is developed by WayForward Technologies and available for macOS and iOS devices via Apple Arcade.