Giving fans an idea of what the Fishkeeper soundtrack will be like.

Blinkclick Games has uploaded a music playlist to its YouTube channel (embedded below), giving fans an idea of what the soundtrack to upcoming Fishkeeper will sound like.

Fishkeeper is a game that mixes economic strategy with aquarist simulation gameplay; players are tasked with feeding their fish and breeding them so that they can sell the best specimens at auctions. Eventually, better equipment, rarer species of fish, and bigger tanks can be purchased.

This playlist comprises 13 tracks of chill-out music by various artists including Igor Pumphonia and SeanBeats.

Players will be able to customise Fishkeeper’s soundtrack by loading their own music into the game as well as listening to the radio.

The game is developed by Polish studio Blinkclick Games and scheduled for release on Windows towards the end of the year. Players can currently add the game to their Steam wishlist.