The album includes new tracks and piano sheet music.

A deluxe edition of the Aground soundtrack is available now from major digital platforms.

Aground is a role-playing game with an emphasis on mining and crafting; there are non-player characters to meet, new technologies to unlock, and even magic for players to discover.

The game’s electronic soundtrack, scored by composer and sound designer Chase Bethea (Deity Quest, I Can’t Escape: Darkness, and </reality>), was originally released in 2019.

This new deluxe edition comprises the original soundtrack plus seven additional tracks that have never been heard before, along with two tracks from role-playing game Deity Quest.

The album also comes with three pieces of piano sheet music that have been transcribed by arranger and producer David Peacock (Hollow Knight Piano Collections, Parallelus, and UNDERTALE Piano Collections).

Aground features an amalgamation of styles and a hybrid signature sound that is undeniably unique and inimitable,” explained Bethea via a press release. “It feels like every track had some new sound or idea that kept up the interest over a Very. Long. Running. Time. I am proud that the community, who I called the ‘Agroundians,’ recognize what I was trying to bring to the music for the game.”

The deluxe edition of the Aground soundtrack can be purchased from Bandcamp and iTunes; the album can also be streamed from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube Music.

Aground is developed by Fancy Fish Games and available for Linux, macOS, and Windows.