Releasing on iTunes and Spotify at a later date.

Three albums featuring music from the La-Mulana platform-adventure series have been added to Japanese indie developer NIGORO’s Bandcamp, comprising two soundtracks and an arrangement album.

A remastered version of the La-Mulana soundtrack is available now and consists of 59 tracks of music, composed by Takumi Naramura and Houryu Samejima. This remastered release brings the audio into line with the soundtrack to the game’s sequel.

The La-Mulana 2 soundtrack comprises 59 tracks of music also composed by Naramura and Samejima.

The third album, La-Mulana Journey, features eight tracks from the first La-Mulana soundtrack arranged by Naramura with the idea of ‘journey’ as its central theme.

The albums will also be available for purchase from iTunes and streaming from Spotify at a later date.