Soundtracks to both titles from Hopoo Games getting re-pressed.

Black Screen Records and composer Chris Christodoulou have decided to re-press the soundtracks to the 2013 platformer Risk of Rain and 2016 side-scrolling stealth-action game Deadbolt on vinyl.

The third pressing of the Risk of Rain soundtrack, announced last October, was supposed to be the final one but after reconsideration, it was decided to re-press the double-vinyl album including the original artwork.

Early plans to “retire” the artwork after the third pressing with the possibility of another release featuring new art if there were demand for it were ditched for a couple of reasons.

“The workload of the second game made it literally impossible for me to deal with another release,” explained Christodoulou, who also produces the album artwork. “The fact we got a timely digital and vinyl release is already a small miracle.”

The music label and composer ultimately didn’t feel comfortable with releasing the soundtrack again but with new art, the latter saying “it felt wrong to come out with a different one”.

The Risk of Rain soundtrack is re-pressed on two 180g black vinyl discs and can be pre-ordered now from the Black Screen Records online store. The album comes with a “slightly updated” gatefold sleeve with matte finish and includes a couple of download codes for the full digital soundtrack as well as Risk of Rain: Engineer Edition (an album of stems used for remixes).

The aforementioned workload has also played a part in the delayed completion of the Risk of Rain 1 & 2 vinyl box set. For the time being, that compendium release has been set aside.

The soundtrack to Deadbolt, also composed by Christodoulou, is getting re-pressed on two 180g white vinyl discs. The album comes in a gatefold sleeve with heavyweight inner sleeves featuring hand-painted original artwork by Dimitris Leivadiotis.

This double-vinyl release also comes with liner notes from the composer and two download codes for the full digital soundtrack as well as Deadbolt: Cross-Section (an album of stems used for remixes). Pre-orders are available now from the Black Screen Records online store.

Both re-presses are expected to ship in November.