“THE WAR EFFORT” is out now.

First-person shooter Second Extinction and electronic music label Wic Recordings have released a promotional music track ahead of the game’s upcoming launch.

“THE WAR EFFORT” is a thumping, heavy synth track composed by artist and musician LudoWic, and is available now digitally in the lead-up to Second Extinction’s release.

The single – which includes a shorter, ambient variation of “THE WAR EFFORT” – is out now and available for purchase from Bandcamp, Google Play, and iTunes. It can also be streamed from Apple Music and Spotify.

The Netherlands-based composer also wrote the music for the 2019 neo-noir platformer Katana ZERO.

Second Extinction is an online, co-op first-person shooter developed by Systemic Reaction which tasks players with working together to take down mutant dinosaurs. The performance of the players will impact the difficulty of their enemies.

The game is scheduled for an Early Access release on Windows this September.