First volume of the game’s score, composed by Vincent Diamante, out now.

Developer thatgamecompany has released the first volume of the soundtrack to its adventure game Sky: Children of the Light.

Vol. 1 of the game’s score, composed by Vincent Diamante, comprises 30 tracks of music and is widely available now from digital platforms; the soundtrack can be purchased from Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, and can be streamed from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and TIDAL (full list of platforms and services here).

Diamante’s previous collaboration with thatgamecompany was when he scored the soundtrack to the 2007 art house, adventure game Flower.

The soundtrack to Sky: Children of the Light features performances by FAME’S Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra.

Diamante tweeted that the studio enlisted its in-house vocalist to perform the tracks in this first volume but he also noted his excitement about the addition of AURORA to the game’s music and hopes to have tracks by the Norwegian singer-songwriter included in a future volume.

The composer has created a lengthy Twitter thread in which additional details and titbits about the game’s soundtrack can be found. For example, woodwind multi-instrumentalist Kristin Naigus “can be found on many of the tracks, performing various wind instruments, from traditional orchestral ensemble to ethnic winds.” Naigus also contributed “many of the sound effects in the game.”

thatgamecompany has also uploaded a medley of the game’s soundtrack onto its YouTube channel (embedded below).

“To work on Sky was to be inspired every day by our Creative Director, Jenova Chen, and the whole development team at thatgamecompany,” said Diamante via a press release. “It was entirely too easy to be moved to write music based on those initial big ideas: the beauty of flight, the wonder of the world, and the joy of companionship.”

He added: “Equally inspiring was watching players come to the game, even in its early days of development. The way they played the game, lived in the world of Sky, and contributed to the soundscape with singing and musical instruments really created excitement for what Sky could become, and helped inspire many of the game’s climactic moments.”

Sky: Children of the Light is developed and published by thatgamecompany and is available for iOS and Android. The game is scheduled for a release on Nintendo Switch this summer.