Rhythm game catalogue gets updated with some pop and indie rock.

This week’s downloadable content update for Rock Band 4 comprises two tracks: one by Icelandic indie rock band Of Monsters and Men and the other by English singer-songwriter Harry Styles.

The following songs will be available from 16th July:

  • Harry Styles – “Adore You”
  • Of Monsters and Men – “Wars”

Tracks can be bought individually.

The descriptions below are taken from this week’s release notes:

Harry Styles is here and ready to serenade us. “Adore You” is the third single from his second studio album, Fine Line. Leading up to the release of “Adore You” in late 2019, a mysterious Twitter account popped up called @visiteroda, which housed a marketing campaign that was advertising a fictional island. This turned out to be a world-building tactic that supplemented Styles’ music video for the song. Rock Band players will all have a blast with this heartwarming track featuring a groovy bassline and sweet guitar solo.

Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men presents “Wars”, a somber yet upbeat song from their latest album, Fever Dream. This was the third single from Fever Dream, which was released July 26th of last year, along with a beautifully stylized animated music video. “Wars” is all about a tumultuous, back-and-forth relationship on the rocks. Not every relationship is the same, and sometimes recognizing that there will be rough spots while still being madly in love will just make the bond stronger. “Wars” by Of Monsters and Men will be fun for everyone in Rock Band, with its heartfelt vocals and bouncy basslines.

For a clearer idea of the songs’ pacing and structure, watch the latest DLC trailer (embedded below).

Rock Band 4 is developed and published by Harmonix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.