The digital soundtrack releases on 17th July.

The ambient soundtrack to Röki is getting released on vinyl with pre-orders available now from Black Screen Records.

Röki is a dark, contemporary fairy-tale adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore. 31 tracks from the atmospheric soundtrack, composed by Aether, have been selected for this double-vinyl release.

“This is the first score I’ve written that has a narrative purpose which was initially very daunting, but upon learning more about the project and the world [that the developers] were building, I feel like everything just fell into place,” Aether explained.

Aether’s video game credits include scoring the soundtrack to the 2017 city-builder Kingdoms and Castles and the trailer music for the 2019 colony simulation game Founders Fortune.

The Röki 2xLP soundtrack has been pressed on two 180g turquoise vinyl discs and features official artwork from the game.

This double-vinyl release also comes with two download codes for the digital soundtrack: one for Bandcamp and the other for Steam; the soundtrack will be released digitally on 17th July.

“Remember Me” and “Röki” are a couple of tracks that can be streamed now on Spotify ahead of the album’s full release, the latter track can also be streamed from Bandcamp, at the time of writing.

Pre-orders for two enamel pins and woven cloth patches are also available from Black Screen Records separately or together as part of a bundle including the vinyls; the enamel pins and cloth patches come with a copy of the digital soundtrack.

Shipping for all items are expected this September.

Röki is developed by Polygon Treehouse and will be released on 23rd July for macOS and Windows. United Label will also be publishing the game on Nintendo Switch.