Available now digitally while the CD and cassette variants can be pre-ordered.

Along with the recent release of survival-horror game Skin Witch, the game’s soundtrack is also available now digitally while limited physical variants can be pre-ordered ahead of their release later this month.

Blackwood Specter has just released its latest title in Skin Witch – the indie developer’s second release following 2018’s Lovecraftian horror game They That Feast.

The neoclassical soundtrack to Skin Witch is composed by Guild of Lore and can be purchased and streamed from the artist’s Bandcamp.

Pre-orders are also available for the limited-edition cassette and CD variants, also available from Guild of Lore’s Bandcamp.

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The cassette comes in a hand-stamped and bloodstained burlap pouch and is limited to 100 copies. The CD, on the other hand, is limited to just 50 copies. Both variants come with an “Echoes in the Damp” poster (measuring 11×17 inches), a “Marked in Blood” button, and a “Distressed” Guild of Lore sticker. Shipping is expected around the middle of June.

Skin Witch is available now for Windows. A gameplay trailer has been embedded below.