Narrative-driven mystery game from Budgie.

The soundtrack EP to Detective X – the latest voice-controlled app from developer Budgie – is out now and available to stream from digital platforms.

Detective X has much more in common with what a typical game entails when compared to Budgie’s previous releases; previous apps from the Toronto-based design studio include child-friendly game Dare Me!, reenactment app The Pod Bay Doors, companion app Are We There Yet?, and sing-along game Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

In Detective X, players are tasked with catching a serial killer in a narrative-driven interactive thriller using voice controls. The game includes additional mini-games such as escape room and bomb defusal sections.

The EP by sound designer and composer Luke Muldoon comprises three tracks and is available for purchase from iTunes and to stream from Apple Music and Spotify.

Detective X is available now for AI-powered virtual assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.