Digital versions coming too.

The soundtrack to tycoon simulation game Weedcraft Inc is getting a vinyl release, as announced by the game’s official Twitter account on Monday which coincided with the cannabis-themed 4/20 celebrations.

The hip-hop soundtrack will be released on the One Run Records label and according to the image accompanying the announcement, will be pressed on two green coloured vinyl discs.

Details are limited at the moment but the music label also took to Twitter and added: “… we’re very pleased to announce we’re working with Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital to bring Weedcraft Inc’s amazing OST to vinyl. We’ll also be including and releasing digital versions.”

The soundtrack to Weedcraft Inc includes tracks by artists and producers such as DJ Eprom (also under the name of Sztigar Bonko), BRK, Opiat, and ES.CE. It’s currently available for purchase on Steam where the tracklisting has been updated to include music from the Freedom update.

The track “Pruno” (embedded below) features Sahtyre rapping over the ES.CE beat “Rolling Down” and has been recorded as one of the game’s exclusive singles.

Weedcraft Inc is developed by Vile Monarch and published by Devolver Digital and available for macOS and Windows.