Standard and deluxe editions available to pre-order later in the month.

Physicality Games has revealed it will be selling the physical release of side-scrolling arcade shooter Rolling Gunner on Nintendo Switch.

The newly announced online retailer has partnered with developer Mebius and publisher Mastiff in bringing the game to retail. Standard and deluxe editions of Rolling Gunner will be available to pre-order when the retailer’s website fully launches in late March.

The standard edition consists of a copy of the game housed inside a Rolling Gunner-themed collector’s tin which has a clear display window.

The deluxe edition comes with a copy of the game, Rolling Gunner-themed steelbook, a soundtrack CD, cloth arcade-style control sheet, kinetic action artwork frame with five art cards, and the aforementioned collector’s tin.

Physicality Games sequentially numbers its collector’s tins which also feature game-themed artwork.

The game’s sound design has been supported by composer COSIO, formerly of Taito music group ZUNTATA. COSIO has also contributed to the soundtracks to video games such as Groove Coaster, Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders, and QIX++.

Rolling Gunner is developed by Mebius and is currently available for Nintendo Switch and Windows.