Soundtracks come in standard MP3 or lossless FLAC formats.

Digital distribution platform Steam now has its own category that’s dedicated to video game soundtracks.

Soundtracks can now be managed independently of their respective games, meaning soundtracks can be purchased without owning the base game.

Users can keep things manageable by separating their games from their soundtracks within their libraries.

Video game soundtracks are available in standard MP3 as well as the lossless format FLAC (which is free and optional).

Since this new service has just recently been rolled out, it will take time for developers to update their content in order for soundtracks to get converted from their original DLC listings.

Additional information can be found on the Soundtracks and Steam Music Player support page.

Meanwhile, Steam is having a soundtrack sale which ends at 10am PT (6pm GMT) on 14th February.