Full video game scores on limited edition cassette tapes.

Music label Minimum Records has made pre-orders available for three video game soundtracks on cassette tapes.

First up is the soundtrack to Metropolis: Lux Obscura, a match-three puzzle game presented in a film noir-style motion comic, developed and published by Ktulhu Solutions.

The game’s original soundtrack, composed by Vadim Krakhmal and Youggoth, can now be pre-ordered on cassette tape which contains the full 15 tracks of music featured in Metropolis: Lux Obscura.

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Next, there’s the soundtrack to NORTH – an exploration-based cyberpunk game that deals with a man’s asylum application in a city inhabited by monster-like entities.

The game’s dark synth-pop music, composed by Tristan Neu of the two-person development team Outlands, is available to pre-order on cassette. Again, the game’s full soundtrack – in this case all eight tracks – is included in this release.

And lastly, there’s the soundtrack to side-scrolling adventure game The Mooseman, in which players embark on a journey where they encounter spirits and gods along the way.

The soundtrack, composed by Mikhail Shvachko, is inspired by Komi folk music and the full 19-track score has been put on a single cassette tape, available to pre-order from the Minimum Records website.

All three releases can be purchased individually or together as a bundle; shipping should take between two to three weeks.