The soundtrack to Flavourworks’ interactive thriller gets a vinyl release.

Music label Black Screen Records has partnered with publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe to release the soundtrack to live-action interactive game Erica on vinyl.

The soundtrack to the narrative-driven thriller, composed by Austin Wintory, has been pressed on two 180g black vinyl discs as a limited edition release.

Pre-orders for the album are available now from the Black Screen Records website with shipping expected in March 2020.

As a special bonus, pre-orders placed before 31st December will come with a gatefold album sleeve that’s signed by creative director and co-founder of Flavourworks, Jack Attridge.

The game’s soundtrack is already available to purchase digitally from Bandcamp and iTunes, and can also be streamed from services including Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Erica, developed by Flavourworks and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.