Album includes three bonus tracks.

The soundtrack to Ludopium’s rhythm-based 3D platformer Vectronom is available now digitally from Bandcamp,, and YouTube.

The electronica soundtrack, composed by studio co-founder Juan Orjuela, comprises 31 tracks – three of which are bonus tracks that include an early version of the main theme to Ludopium’s puzzle game Isometric Epilepsy.

“I’ve been working on the music for Vectronom for almost 4 years and I can finally share it in album form,” Orjuela said. “Truth is that I’ve been struggling with the final mix and “master” of this album for a while. Some of the early songs were a pain to re-open and edit. I went back and forth changing stuff many times, never feeling satisfied with the results.”

Orjuela took to Twitter and described how he had to “let go” of his fear during the creative process and expressed his gratitude towards the video game community.

“In the end, I decided to let go of my fear of not having the perfect album and things slowly started to work,” he said. “Big thanks to everyone in the community that has been patiently supporting me during this process. I am extremely proud of this one. It has been super fun to work on a game as unique as Vectronom during the last years. I’m very grateful to have had the chance to create with such a great group of people.”

As previously reported, the game’s soundtrack is available as a limited physical release on double vinyl (one red and the other green) as part of the Vectronom – Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch.

Vectronom is available digitally for Nintendo Switch, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.