11 covers of video game music.

For Triforce Quartet‘s new album, the classically trained string quartet has put together 11 tracks covering as many different video games including Skies of Arcadia, Undertale, Overwatch, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The album name Minuet of Time was decided on because a minuet is a classical dance that’s typically performed in triple time which acts as a reference to the album being the quartet’s third. The four-piece has roots in The Legend of Zelda games and so the notion of time, being the common theme that it is in the role-playing game series, was deemed an appropriate component for an album title.

Triforce Quartet comprises founder, arranger, and cellist Chad Schwartz, violinists Matthew Evans and Jacob Roege, and violist Stanley Beckwith.

The quartet released their first album The Legend Of back in 2014 and followed it up with Ultima Phantasia in 2016.

Minuet of Time is available now from digital outlets such as Amazon Music, Google Play, and iTunes, as well as streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.