Pressed on ‘Order Blue’ and ‘Chaos Red’ vinyl.

In celebration of the upcoming 10th anniversary of competitive action-strategy game League of Legends, developer Riot Games and production company iam8bit have announced a double-vinyl album that features orchestral themes from the game.

The soundtrack collection has been pressed on ‘Order Blue’ and ‘Chaos Red’ vinyl, both with a smoke colouring effect.

Composed by the studio’s internal Riot Music Team, the 2xLP album features art work by Riot Games and marks the first time League of Legend’s orchestral compositions have been released on vinyl.

League of Legends: Selected Orchestral Works can be purchased from the iam8bit website.

Full tracklisting:

Champion Themes:

  1. Nami
  2. Poppy
  3. Kindred
  4. Jhin
  5. Aurelion Sol
  6. Taliyah
  7. Camille
  8. Xayah & Rakan
  9. Ornn
  10. Irelia
  11. Pyke
  12. Neeko
  13. Kayle & Morgana

Factions & Fantasy:

  1. Freljord
  2. Captain Gankplank
  3. Captain Fortune
  4. Snowdown 2015
  5. Orb of Winter
  6. Dragon Trainer Tristana
  7. Dark Star Thresh
  8. Elementalist Lux

Competitive Themes:

  1. Summoner’s Call
  2. Tales of the Rift
  3. Worlds 2016 Theme
  4. MSI 2016 Login
  5. The Climb

League of Legends is available for macOS and Windows.