With arrangements by Pokémon series composer Hitomi Sato.

During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation on 4th September, it was revealed that role-playing game Little Town Hero from Pokémon studio Game Freak will feature music composed by Toby Fox.

Fox, the indie developer and creator of role-playing game Undertale and its spiritual successor of sorts, Deltarune, has created almost all of the music in the upcoming Little Town Hero.

The Little Town Hero segment of the Nintendo Direct starts at 6:35 (timestamped and embedded below).

Fox took to Twitter to express his excitement regarding the collaboration as well as having his music arranged by long-time Pokémon series composer Hitomi Sato.

“I’m excited to announce I was asked to compose for Game Freak’s ‘Little Town Hero’ (formerly known as Town),” he said. “It was an honor to have many of my songs arranged by the amazing Hitomi Sato-san, too (known for Pokemon Black and White).”

Little Town Hero is scheduled for release on 16th October for Nintendo Switch.

In related news as revealed in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate segment of the Nintendo Direct, Undertale character Sans (in his Gunner costume) is part of the Mii Fighter Costumes #3 paid downloadable content and includes a rearrangement of “Megalovania” composed by Fox. This DLC is out now with costumes available for individual purchase.