Rounding out the DLC for August.

Rock Band 4 is getting two more songs as the last downloadable content update for the month of August by way of indie rock band Sleater-Kinney and punk band Riverboat Gamblers.

The following songs will be available from 29th August:

  • Riverboat Gamblers – “Robots May Break Your Heart”
  • Sleater-Kinney – “Entertain”

Tracks can be bought individually.

The descriptions below are taken from this week’s release notes:

Riverboat Gamblers are well-known to Rock Band fans, with their fan-favorite track “Don’t Bury Me…I’m Still Not Dead” featuring in the Rock Band 3 Export. To join that track, we’ve got “Robots May Break Your Heart” from Riverboat Gamblers’ fifth album, Underneath the Owl. Vocals has plenty of room to breathe between lines, but the vocals frequently swing between high and low in a given line, so don’t think of it as easy. Guitarists will play a very speedy solo that’s half trilling and half strumming.

Sleater-Kinney’s “Entertain” is another great track from The Woods, following the addition of “Jumpers” as Rock Band 4 DLC earlier this month. “Entertain” is a unique track, with the bass track having nearly as much movement as the guitar, and thanks to actually being a tuned-down guitar, it’s got as many chords. Not to be outdone, the guitar has multiple solos to practice. Outside of the chorus, the drums are virtually all toms, with very few cymbals and hi-hats to be found.

To get a better idea of the songs’ pacing and structure, watch the latest DLC trailer (embedded below).

Developed and published by Harmonix, Rock Band 4 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.