Plenty of scrolling shooters.

Publisher NIS America has just announced that it will be releasing two ‘greatest hits’ collections of Psikyo games, both set for release exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha comprises six games: vertically scrolling shoot ’em up Strikers 1945, its sequel Strikers 1945 II, and the follow-up Strikers 1945 III, horizontally scrolling shoot ’em up Sol Divide, vertically scrolling shoot ’em up Dragon Blaze, and 3D multidirectional shooter Zero Gunner 2.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravowhile also consisting of six titles, includes vertically scrolling shoot ’em up Samurai Aces Episode I, its sequel Samurai Aces Episode II: Tengai, and the third instalment in the series Samurai Aces Episode III: SENGOKU CANNON, another vertically scrolling shooter Gunbird and its sequel Gunbird 2, and arcade puzzle-shooter and Gunbird spin-off GUNBARICH,

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo both feature a horizontal play mode and an alternative vertical “TATE” mode. Local two-player co-op is also supported.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo Limited Edition
Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo – limited edition. (Picture credit: NIS America.)

Both collections have a limited edition that also comes with a 3-CD soundtrack (an Alpha Code Blue or Bravo Code Red depending on the collection), art schematics, art cards and illustrations, and a collector’s box that houses everything.

Pre-orders are available now from the NISA Europe Online Store.

Developed by City Connection, Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo will both be released in early-2020 for Nintendo Switch with the former launching first and the latter following soon after.