From the same developers behind Slain: Back from Hell.

In a collaboration between Merge Games and Big Sugar, 2D action-platformer Valfaris will be getting a retail release this November for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Set within a galactic backdrop, the Valfaris fortress has strangely returned after mysteriously disappearing, only now it’s orbiting a dying sun and filled with evil, deadly creatures.

Developed by Steel Mantis, including members of the development team that made arcade combat-puzzle game Slain: Back from Hell, Valfaris also has a heavy metal soundtrack and combat-focused gameplay.

The game features the pixel art style of indie developer Andrew Gilmore and a soundtrack recorded by Curt Victor Bryant, former guitarist of Swiss extreme metal band Celtic Frost.

Aside from the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles releases, Valfaris will also be released on Xbox One and Windows this year and can be added to Steam wishlists now.

Below is the gameplay trailer that was shown at E3 this year.