The soundtrack vinyl is coloured like in-game character Ralsei.

The soundtrack to DELTARUNE Chapter 1 is available to pre-order on CD and vinyl from the Fangamer website.

Composed by indie developer Toby Fox, the game’s soundtrack is spread across 40 tracks consisting of synthwave, guitar-based, and chiptune-style music.

The DELTARUNE Chapter 1 soundtrack vinyl is pressed on a coloured record that matches the green and pink hues of in-game character Ralsei. This vinyl release also comes with a download code for the soundtrack from the official Bandcamp page.

The DELTARUNE Chapter 1 soundtrack CD also includes all 40 tracks and comes packaged in a DVD-sized digipak.

Both CD and vinyl editions are expected to ship in mid-August.

DELTARUNE Chapter 1 soundtrack CD
(Picture credit: Fangamer.)

Developed as the follow-up experience to the 2015 role-playing game UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE Chapter 1 is available for free on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, macOS, and Windows.

More chapters are planned but it could take “several years” as explained in the FAQ section on the game’s website.