The voice of the Shark Hunters vs. Maneaters host.

During E3 2019, publisher Tripwire Interactive revealed a new trailer for its upcoming action role-playing game Maneater.

Developed by Blindside Interactive, Maneater is an open-world single-player game wherein players take on the role of a shark inhabiting the waters of the Gulf Coast – starting out as a baby bull shark.

The game’s antagonist, Scaly Pete – fisherman and host of the in-game reality TV show Shark Hunters vs. Maneaters – is out to avenge the death of his father who was killed by a shark.

Tripwire Interactive also announced actor Chris Parnell as the voice behind Scaly Pete.

Parnell is known for his many TV appearances such as his portrayal of Dr. Leo Spaceman in 30 Rock, Wayne in Happy Together, and his appearances on sketch show Saturday Night Live.

The actor is a prolific voice actor too, with TV credits that include Jerry Smith in Rick and Morty, James Garfield in American Dad!, and Cyril and Fuchs in Archer.

Maneater will be released this year for Windows, launching on the Epic Games Store first and then other PC platforms 12 months later.