With support for visually impaired and blind gamers.

French developer Accidental Queens has announced the release date for its upcoming audio-based, story-driven mystery game Alt-Frequencies.

In an audio teaser that was released earlier this year, you can hear different broadcast signals being cycled through, catching fragments of someone typing on a keyboard, music being played on a Fresh FM show, and gunfire on what could be a security or law enforcement communication channel.

The game, which uses non-linear storytelling, tasks players with investigating a mystery that’s unfolding by way of numerous radio stations. As described in the press release, gameplay mechanics allow players to “record, rewind time”, and “broadcast snippets of radio shows” so they can solve a concatenation of puzzles in order to understand what’s behind the enigmatic ‘time loop’ and overarching conspiracy that’s taking place.

Characters comprising radio hosts, politicians, conspiracy theorists, students, train station managers, activists, and even a dog – yes, that’s right – will reveal insights into their lives and actions as players observe the ways they “manipulate and redistribute information between them… ”

In a live-action trailer that was released last month, we can see an emphasis on the so-called “time loop scandal” and the apparent rewinding of time.

The studio has also revealed that the game’s voice-over cast includes Fringe, Welcome to Night Vale, and The Good Doctor actress Jasika Nicole, as well as writer, host, and producer Mike Rugnetta of Reasonably Sound and Crash Course.

Accidental Queens says the game design it has implemented means visually impaired and blind players will be able to enjoy the game.

The soundtrack to Alt-Frequencies is available to pre-order now from the studio’s Bandcamp page. At the time of writing, four tracks ranging from rock, upbeat electronic dance music, to rap rock are available to purchase now with the whole album releasing in full on 31st May.

Original compositions from artists include Yponeko; Your Wife, Last Night; Cédric Menendez; and Ennis B. (also known as Alexandre Inglebert) – the latter two also composed music for the previous Accidental Queens game A Normal Lost Phone.

Alt-Frequencies will be released on 16th May for Android, iOS, and Windows.

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