Music from the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

With another week to go until the release of open-world survival-action game Days Gone, Sony Music has released the game’s soundtrack across major digital stores and streaming services.

Developed by Bend Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4, Days Gone is set in the Pacific Northwest just a couple of years after a mysterious pandemic event has turned the population into crazed, feral creatures known as Freakers.

Players take on the role of bounty hunter Deacon St. John as they craft tools and weapons that will allow them to explore the post-apocalyptic wilderness as well as engaging in combat with what’s left of humanity.

The game’s soundtrack, composed by Nathan Whitehead, includes a collection of 25 tracks with performances from artists such as Jack Savoretti, Billy Raffoul, Zander Reese, and Lewis Capaldi.

Whitehead’s composer credits include TV shows such as sci-fi drama The Last Ship and fantasy-horror South of Hell, while film scores include action-comedy Keanu, action-horror The Purge: Election Year, and horror-thriller Delirium.

He’s also provided additional music and arrangements for video games such as Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War: Judgement.

What interested Whitehead with Days Gone was the opportunity to explore a more introspective part of the game’s survival experience.

“The ideas that define the score are the tenacity of the human spirit and the value of relationships,” said Whitehead via a press release. “Early in the process John Garvin, creative director at Sony’s Bend Studio, described to me how the game isn’t simply about surviving, it also examines why we want to survive. When I heard that, I was instantly excited about all the places the music could go. I found it really interesting to be navigating the survival aspect and also this introspective aspect at the same time.”

With the game set in the Pacific Northwest, Whitehead wanted to tap into the beauty of the locale while delivering something that sounds “organic” and “lived-in”.

“The Pacific Northwest setting is absolutely beautiful and it really felt like the score needed to connect to this environment as well. Deacon and the environment seemed to call for an organic, lived-in sound with a touch of Americana.”

Days Gone is set for release on 26th April.