“It’s a true tribute to the radio dramas of old.”

NEXT Studios has announced upcoming detective game, Unheard, a narrative-driven title with audio-based gameplay.

Players take on the role of a detective with the ability to travel through time in order to solve crimes. With no sense of sight, players will have to rely on other ways to take in information.

By listening in on conversations and actions, players must gain an understanding of characters’ motivations and their relationships if they are to identify the criminals.

“We set out to create a unique gameplay experience that not only has players to listen to the conversations in the game but also forces players to really embody a detective using logic, reasoning and deductive power to solve the crimes. It’s a true tribute to the radio dramas of old,” said creative director Nick Zhang.

Unheard’s story employs an non-linear path and each crime has multiple story branches and “ongoing moments.”

The game world in set in real-time so while  players are in one location, things are happening elsewhere. Players can time-travel to experience events from different places with different people.

Developed and published by NEXT Studios, Unheard will be released for Windows in Q1 2019.