Limited to 500 copies.

Publisher Aksys Games has announced that the soundtrack to adventure-horror game Death Mark has been pressed on vinyl and is available to pre-order exclusively from its online store.

Death Mark is set in Tokyo’s H City, wherein those who bear the mysterious Mark are rumoured to soon die of horrifying, unknown causes. Players take on the role of a man who’s lost his memory and must search his surroundings for clues if he is to survive.

The game’s soundtrack has been mastered for a 12″ vinyl release. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Death Mark
02. Bearers of the Mark
03. Rumors (Intro)
04. Revenge
05. Shivers
06. Grudges
07. Death Mark (Intro)
08. Rumors
09. Madness
10. Whispers

The Death Mark soundtrack vinyl release is limited to a run of 500 with shipping expected after the New Year.

Death Mark is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4.

A limited edition of the game comes with a 96-page colour hardcover art book, soundtrack CD, fatal Mark temporary tattoo, and a printed slipcase for the whole bundle.