Scorpion Yellow, Reptile Green, and Sub Zero Blue.

Music label Enjoy The Ride Records has announced that the soundtracks to Mortal Kombat and its sequel Mortal Kombat II will be released on vinyl through its online store.

The music from both games were previously only available on CD through mail order. Now both soundtracks have been pressed on vinyl and will go on sale from 21st November (5pm GMT).

Mortal Kombat I & II Music from the Arcade Game Soundtracks interior
(Picture credit: Enjoy The Ride Records.)

Composed by Dan Forden – who makes a cameo in Mortal Kombat II with his falsetto “Toasty!” exclamation – the soundtracks are available in three different colours based on the in-game ninja characters, housed in a 400gsm gatefold jacket:

  • Sub Zero Blue (limited to 400 copies)
  • Scorpion Yellow (limited to 400 copies)
  • Reptile Green (limited to 200 copies)


Side A
(Music from Mortal Kombat)
01. In The Beginning
02. The Courtyard
03. The Temple Gate
04. The Cavern
05. The Bridge
06. Goro And The Emperor
07. Victory
(Music from Mortal Kombat II)
09. Prologue: The Battlefield
10. The Dead Pool
11. The Screaming Forest
12. The Armory

Side B
01. The Portal
02. Air Kombat
04. Epilogue: Shao Kahn’s Last Stand
05. MK II Death Jam
06. MK II Audio Tour
07. The Immortal(s): Mortal Kombat (bonus track)

While these three variants are exclusive to Enjoy The Ride Records, a picture disc release will be sold exclusively at Think Geek (limited to 1,000 copies).