SEGA’s Otorii and Taito’s Ebina.

During a special talk at the KORG x DETUNE booth at Music and Mixed Media 2018, it was announced on-stage that SEGA and Taito gadgets would be released for music production software KORG Gadget on Nintendo Switch.

Now KORG has revealed the gadgets have been scheduled for release in Spring 2019.

The Otorii gadget from SEGA is a rhythm sound generator with sounds that have been newly sampled from equipment used for ’80s arcade games including Out Run, After Burner, and more. The retro design is inspired by the Mega Drive system.

Taito’s Ebina is a synth gadget that takes inspiration from the Darius arcade cabinet with its triple-screen design. Arcade games such as Darius and The Ninja Warriors, and more have had their synth sounds recorded for the Ebina gadget.

“Through collaboration with Taito, we are reproducing FM tone generator sounds (mostly), successfully reproducing sounds of these legendary arcade games,” KORG said.

Co-developed by KORG and DETUNE for Nintendo Switch, KORG Gadget is a music production studio with the user interface of a digital audio workstation. Visit the official product page for additional information.