30 tracks by Robert Frost III.

Alongside the release of cooperative puzzle platform game Joggernauts, music label Materia Collective has launched the official soundtrack across major digital outlets.

Composed by Robert Frost III, co-founder of development team Space Mace, Joggernauts‘ music is a mixture of jazzy, funky beats with some synth-pop and dance-style tracks thrown in the mix.

The Joggernauts soundtrack is available now from Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, and Spotify.

Joggernauts takes place on three alien moons (Plazlip, Splizorp, and Zlopari) orbiting some backwater planet,” explained Frost. “Each of these worlds have a different aesthetic, and all of my songs use that aesthetic to define its tonality and melodic themes. I did this so players can feel when they leave one world and move to the next.

“Different lead instruments are used to further create this separation. For example, a silly/cheesy banjo patch was used for the majority of Plazlip’s songs because of it’s swampy/forest aesthetic.”

Developed by Space Mace and published by Graffiti Games, Joggernauts is available now on Nintendo Switch, Windows, and macOS.