From composer Amos Roddy.

The music from side-scrolling city-building simulation game Kingdom has been pressed on vinyl and can now be ordered from the Fangamer website.

Originally released in 2015, a reworked version of the game titled Kingdom: New Lands came out a year later that built on and added new content to the original.

The soundtrack to both iterations, composed by Amos Roddy (formerly known as ToyTree) have been pressed on 2xLP vinyl with album artwork by Kelly Smith.

Those who purchase the double vinyl album will also receive a free download code for the soundtracks in a choice of digital formats.

Full tracklisting:

Side A
01. Bloom
02. Aurora
03. Spire
04. Fallow
05. The Bottom
06. Opal
07. The Flats
08. Andromeda
09. Glow

Side B
01. Wake
02. Daydream
03. Prism
04. The Wings March
05. Meadow
06. Pith
07. Together
08. Such Is Time
09. Talisman

Side C
01. Hollow
02. Still
03. Vigil
04. First Light
05. Blight
06. Azurite
07. The Tunnel Through
08. Rest

Side D (New Lands)
01. Snow Light
02. Clover
03. Autumn
04. Strange Afternoon
05. Cloud Thoughts
06. Solace
07. The Firefly Tree
08. Morning Stretch
09. Resonant
10. Goodbye Glass