Listen to the before and after comparison.

Earlier this month South Korean developer Pearl Abyss, the studio behind the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Black Desert Online, held the Black Desert: Remastered Live Showcase in Seoul, South Korea.

The event served as a showcase for the graphical and audio improvements that are on their way to Black Desert Online ahead of the remaster’s release on 23rd August.

You can watch the full keynote speech (with subtitles) that was given at the showcase, which included topics such as remaster main features, and the effort that went into rerecording the game’s voice-overs.

Pearl Abyss audio director Hwiman Ryu worked with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague from the Czech Republic, the Staatskapelle HALLE orchestra from Germany, and the Budapest Scoring symphonic orchestra (BSSO) from Hungary to record 100 songs that he had composed for the game.

The dialogue from the 130 non-playable characters have been reworked too, with 60 voice actors enlisted to give the voice acting an overhaul. Listen for yourself in the video below where you can compare the voice-overs before and after the remaster.

Players who login to the game before 30th August will get a Tier 7 Horse Emblem and a Golden Horse Gear Set once Black Desert: Remastered is released.

For more information on the game, visit the official game website.