Learn how different factors can affect sounds.

New World Interactive has put out a features video of its upcoming first-person shooter sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm that explores the game’s implementation of sound design.

In this “Soundstage” video, you’ll learn how players can benefit from paying attention to the subtleties of the in-game sounds.

“In Sandstorm, you can use sound to pinpoint the exact position of the enemy. All sounds are affected by distance, occlusion from walls, objects and the environments. If you listen carefully, a single gunshot can tell you everything you need to know about your enemy.”

“The system also applies to character voices. For stereo sounds coming above or below you, the stereo spread is reduced towards mono. Mono sounds are easier to locate in 3D space. Walls and objects are also a big factor affecting sounds in the playspace.”

The video goes on to explain that sounds such as footsteps use different assets that are relative to the player’s position.

“If you listen carefully, you can learn the room without seeing it. You can even work out the direction your enemy is facing.”

Another factor that affects sounds is the environment profile.

“The sound of the gunshot can tell you if the person is outside or inside a building. Even room size is taken into account. For outdoor environments, natural, rocky, and urban landscapes affect sounds differently.”

Insurgency: Sandstorm is scheduled for a PC release on 18th September and launches on Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 next year.