Series creator details in-game music management.

In a recent Nintendo Direct that focused on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it was revealed how a staggering amount of music was composed for the fighting game.

Creator of the Super Smash Bros. series Masahiro Sakurai spoke about the return of the ‘My Music’ feature and how it will let players select music for each stage.

“Until now each stage had its own set of music tracks, but this time the tracks are organised by series instead. For example, as long as you’re playing on a stage based on the Legend of Zelda series, you can pick any of the tracks included from that series.”

The game has more than 800 music tracks – that’s over 900 if you include menu and fanfare music. That works out to be roughly 28 hours worth of music.

“Of course there’s a sound test menu as well. For your browsing pleasure, we’ve sorted all of the tracks by game series – it’s like having an album for each series. If a track has no corresponding fighter or stage, or if it’s from one title rather than a series, it can be found in the ‘Other’ section. You can create your own playlists too, sort them in any order you like, anytime as much as you want.”

While the Nintendo Switch is in handheld mode, users can still play music with the screen turned off. Some of the music available can be sampled over at the official Super Smash Bros. website, with new selections added every week.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on 7th December for Nintendo Switch.

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