Longshot: Homecoming kicks off the new partnership.

Lakeshore Records has recently announced that it will be releasing Electronic Arts video game soundtracks and original scores in a new partnership between the record label and video game publisher.

The first release in this collaboration will be the soundtrack to the Longshot: Homecoming story mode in Madden NFL 19, composed by Oscar-nominee John Debney. The soundtrack includes the single “Finally Here” by country singer-songwriter Ruthie Collins.

Longshot Homecoming soundtrack cover
(Picture credit: Lakeshore Records.)

Both the game and the Longshot: Homecoming soundtrack will be released on 10th August.

As well as releasing new soundtracks from upcoming EA games, Lakeshore Records will also be putting out music from the publisher’s back catalogue of games – this includes new releases and re-releases of out-of-print recordings.

In the coming weeks Lakeshore Records will be announcing more releases of video game music, including back-catalogue titles such as Command & Conquer, Battlefield, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, Titanfall, and The Sims.