“… when you’re acting with other actors, there’s just such a give and take… “

Voice artist Kevin Conroy has been playing the characters Bruce Wayne/Batman for well over two decades – from Batman: The Animated Series back in the early ’90s, to the more contemporary Batman Arkham video game series, Conroy has experienced what it’s like to provide voice-overs for the two different industries.

Speaking to Shacknews, Conroy explored some of those differences and described video game VO work as “a whole different realm”.

“Doing the shows… the television shows is like doing a radio play,” Conroy explained. “You have all the other actors in the room with you. You get to feed off of them. You interact with them – so it’s like doing a play.

“When you’re doing a video game, it’s a whole different realm because [the developers] need completely separate takes of every line and every character. Because of the way they’re built through the computer, they need completely separate recordings. So you’re alone in a booth, for four-hour blocks of time doing line after line, after line… in a vacuum – you don’t get the feed from the other actors. You’re creating not only your own character but the situation that you’re in, all through your own imagination. So it’s a much more challenging process – it’s much harder. It’s draining, by the end of the day you’re exhausted.

“Because when you’re acting with other actors, there’s just such a give and take – there’s so much juice in the room that at the end of the recording you feel like you could do more.”

Give the full video interview a watch where the veteran VO artist talks about the lighter side of Batman, how the video game franchises can help reinvigorate interest in the TV shows, and if he were to build a villain in the upcoming LEGO DC Super-Villains game, what sort it would be.