Buy the game by 17th August to get a free gift.

The soundtrack to virtual reality adventure game Moss will be available from major online retailers on 3rd August, Polyarc has announced.

Those who have purchased Moss from the PlayStation Store, Oculus, VIVEPORT, Steam, GameStop or other physical retailers by 17th August, can get a copy of the full digital 11-track soundtrack as a free gift.

  • Steam: Gamers will find the soundtrack in the DLC section of Moss as part of the game update hitting August 3, 2018. Players have until August 17, 2018 to download the MP3 files before the soundtrack is removed from the DLC section of the single game purchase.
  • PlayStation®VR: Gamers can go to the Moss Soundtrack page in the PlayStation®Store and are eligible to purchase the soundtrack free of charge through August 17, 2018.
  • HTC Vive: HTC will send gamers an email with a code allowing them to redeem and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp after August 17, 2018.
  • Oculus Rift, Amazon, GameStop and Physical Edition: Polyarc will send gamers a code allowing them to redeem and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp after August 17, 2018. Gamers need to send proof of purchase by August 18, 2018 to be eligible.

Otherwise you can pre-order the soundtrack, composed by two-time BAFTA winner Jason Graves, from Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes, and Google Play.

Head over to the Bandcamp listing where “The Clearing,” “Cinder Skies,” and “Home To Me (feat. Malukah)” are currently playable samples.

Pre-orders are also available for physical editions of the soundtrack too; a limited run of CD and vinyl albums can be pre-ordered from the Materia Collective website or the aforementioned Bandcamp listing.

Moss soundtrack CD interior
(Picture credit: Polyarc.)

The interior of the six-panel CD digipak features art from the in-game collectable tapestry and environments. The label on the LP vinyl features a full colour tapestry design. Both album covers are presented as a Moss storybook.

The LP release is pressed on 180g black vinyl and features eight tracks:

Side A
Dear Reader
The Clearing
Thickets and Bloom
Legends Old and New

Side B
Last Respite
Cinder Skies
Sarffog’s Domain
Home To Me (feat. Malukah)

Shipping for the vinyl soundtrack is scheduled for 26th October (approximately).