Taking a look at the orchestral recording process.

Italian developer Lunar Great Wall Studios has put out another behind the scenes video of its upcoming fantasy adventure game Another Sight, this time focusing on the game’s music.

Another Sight is set in London towards the end of the Victorian era with steampunk elements. The story centres on a girl called Kit as she loses her sight in an accident, and how a mysterious cat called Hodge becomes her companion on a surreal adventure influenced by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

The Orchestra Sinfonica di Salerno Claudio Abbado was enlisted to perform the game’s music, and as the orchestra’s conductor Ivan Antonio mentioned, it was the first time the OSSCA had undertaken this type of project.

“This was the first time our orchestra has tackled a video game soundtrack,” Antonio said. “… it was an exciting experience.”

The game’s composer Stefano Cisotto touched on the emotions Another Sight was able to convey and the role of music in terms of communication.

“What immediately struck me was the melancholy running through the game,” Cisotto explained. “There is this sadness connecting every situation. Music has to convey the emotions that the images cannot communicate.”

If you missed the studio’s first behind the scenes video that gives an overview of what Another Sight is all about, you can watch it here.

Another Sight is scheduled for release this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.