Music production in virtual reality.

Dutch studio Little Chicken Game Company has announced the release date for its upcoming real-time music creation game Track Lab.

Coming to PlayStation VR on 22nd August, Track Lab takes a more production-oriented approach to the music game genre and is inspired by audio production tools.

Track Lab is essentially a motion-controlled sequencer in which users can select samples, combine them to create loops, and then sequence their own tracks.

When the ‘building blocks’ of users’ tracks are placed on the work area they can be adjusted by reaching out and moving them, for example, to alter the timing of the hits.

“We’re a development studio that loves to experiment,” said Tomas Sala, Creative Director at Little Chicken Game Company. “… perhaps being located in [a] freethinking city like Amsterdam has something to do with that! The city here is an incredible hub for electronic and dance music, raves, and home to many of the world’s foremost DJs. In that sense, it’s totally logical for all that musical inspiration to seep into our studio and inspire our latest creation.

If you missed the announcement trailer that was rolled out in March, you can catch it below and see Track Lab up and running.

Track Lab is available for pre-order now; for more information on the game, visit the official game website.