Can you dig it?

Materia Collective has announced the soundtrack to action adventure game Fossil Hunters is available now.

The Fossil Hunters soundtrack, composed by Robby Duguay, can now be streamed and purchased from outlets such as Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes/Apple Music, and Steam.

Duguay spoke about the influences behind Fossil Hunters‘ music, in particular, the main theme, as well as the “percussive nature” of the game and how to use music to complement gameplay.

“When I started working on the music for Fossil Hunters, I was thinking a lot about Super Mario World, Indiana JonesMonster Hunter, and Saint Saens’s ‘Danse Macabre,” explained Duguay. “The Indiana Jones and Monster Hunter influences in particular are heard in the main theme. I play brass instruments, so even before we got the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra involved I was going to perform all the parts myself. The last piece of the puzzle was to reinforce the percussive nature of the digging and sweeping of the gameplay, so I used a lot of percussion in the score.”

To help bring the score to life, the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra was brought in to perform the orchestral pieces, while soloists such as Trevor Alan Gomes, and Doug Perry performed piano tracks, and percussion, respectively.

In fact, when players pause the game or access the in-game notebook, the music will fade from the orchestral compositions of the game world into piano versions of each theme, thanks to the adaptive music system that’s been implemented in Fossil Hunters.

For additional information on the soundtrack, including album credits and a full tracklisting, please head over to Robby Duguay’s official website.