The second update of June.

A couple more rock songs are headed to Rock Band 4 in this week’s downloadable content update.

The following songs will be available to purchase from 14th June:

  • Anamanaguchi – “Airbrushed”
  • Jonathan Coulton – “Code Monkey”

Taken from the release notes:

The first of Anamanaguchi’s Summer Singles releases, where the band released a new single every other week in the summer of 2010, “Airbrushed” is an excellent song from the band. There’s no vocals in this chiptune track, but the rest of the instruments are fun enough to make up for it. The guitar track is stuffed full of catchy melodies and high-energy chordal sections, while the drums are real tough. It’s an incredibly dense, moving track that’s sitting in the highest possible in-game tier.

“Code Monkey” marked success for Jonathan Coulton’s Thing a Week project, with its hyper-focus on tech industry woes endearing it to much of the internet. Later used as the theme song for a similarly named TV show, the song saw over a million downloads in its first year. The song leans into the comedy of the lyrics, so it’s tons of fun to sing, and the rest of the band serves as a foundation for the singer. In somewhat of a punk style, the song is kept energetic but straight-forward.

Tracks can be bought individually and if you want a better understanding of these songs’ pace and structure, check out this week’s DLC trailer below.