PSVR is optional for players wanting to play in 3D.

Enhance Games and The Tetris Company have announced their new game Tetris Effect will be heading to PlayStation 4 this Autumn.

Named after the term* used to describe the sensory and psychological effects experienced by people after playing Tetris, Tetris Effect is still a traditional Tetris game at its core. As creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi expressed in a PlayStation Blog entry, the game aims to “amplify and enhance” the visual sensations experienced by players by immersing them in an environment that utilises background elements, audio, special effects, even the Tetris pieces themselves, in ways that synchronise with gameplay.

The game features over 30 stages, each with its own individual music and sound effects. Graphical styles as well as backgrounds will also change and evolve as players progress through the levels.

If you haven’t seen the announcement trailer yet, check it out below.

Mizuguchi has previously worked on games with a heavy focus on visuals and sound design, for example: the Rez games, Child of Eden, the Lumines series, and the Space Channel 5 games.

Tetris Effect supports 4K and 60FPS when running on PlayStation 4 Pro, and optional PlayStation VR support for players who want to experience the game in 3D.

The game also includes several modes, such as Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra, as well as a time-stopping ‘Zone’ mechanic that allows players to save themselves from a game-ending situation or accumulate bonuses by clearing extra lines. New modes and other features will be revealed prior to the game’s launch.

Tetris Effect will be making its public debut at the PlayStation booth during E3 2018 where there will be a playable demo. For more information, please head over to the official game website.

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